What Do Bearded Dragons Like to Play With

What Are Bearded Dragons?

Bearded Dragons hail from Australia and are lizards with a beard-like feature about their necks. On average they grow 16-24 inches in size and live up to 12 years. They’ve become popular pets around the world and need lots of TLC in order to thrive.

Their unique color-changing ability helps them adjust to different temperatures and moods. They have sharp teeth and claws, but are usually peaceful – unless provoked. In the wild, these lizards will wave their arms to show submission or peace towards other bearded dragons.

Believe it or not, these tough reptiles have a soft spot for toys that squeak or bounce!

What Kind of Toys Do Bearded Dragons Like?

Bearded dragons are active reptiles and require physical and mental stimulation. To make sure they stay happy and healthy, it is important to provide them with a variety of toys that cater to their exploratory and predatory nature. Here are six types of toys that bearded dragons enjoy playing with:

  1. Basking Platforms: Bearded dragons love to bask in the sun, and a platform that mimics the natural environment can serve as a perfect toy for them. These platforms offer a stimulating environment and can be used to encourage natural behavior, such as climbing.
  2. Hides: Bearded dragons are prey animals in the wild and love to have a place to hide. Providing them with a hiding spot is an easy way to keep them entertained and make them feel safe.
  3. Feeding Toys: Bearded dragons enjoy chasing and hunting their prey, and puzzle feeders can be used as toys. These toys are designed to mimic natural foraging behavior and can be filled with treats or live insects to encourage hunting behavior.
  4. Mirrors: Bearded dragons are curious and love to look at themselves in the mirror. A small mirror hung in their enclosure can be an excellent source of entertainment for them.
  5. Ball Toys: Bearded dragons may not play fetch like dogs, but they enjoy chasing and rolling ball toys. These toys should be large enough for the dragons to push around without swallowing.
  6. Climbing Toys: Bearded dragons enjoy climbing and exploring their environment. Providing them with a climbing toy can be an excellent source of entertainment and exercise.

One thing to note is that not all bearded dragons have the same preferences when it comes to toys. It is essential to observe and understand their behavior to identify their toys of choice.

In addition to the toys mentioned above, bearded dragons also enjoy exploring their environment and interacting with their owners. It is important to provide them with adequate socialization and playtime to prevent boredom and stress.

If you are a bearded dragon owner, make sure to provide your pet with a variety of toys and socialization to ensure their physical and mental well-being. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep your bearded dragon happy and entertained.

Who needs a real mouse when you have a bearded dragon toy that squeaks just as well?

Toys that Mimic Natural Prey

Steven bought toys for his bearded dragon. These included rubber bugs, toys that move around, hide-and-seek burrow toys and food puzzles. His pet was especially drawn to the puzzle feeders!

These toys can provide mental and physical stimulation. But, it’s important not to put too many toys in the habitat as too much stimuli could cause stress.

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Toys that Provide Mental and Physical Stimulation

For a healthy and entertained bearded dragon, mental and physical stimulation is essential. This means providing toys, ranging from everyday household objects to specially designed items. Puzzle feeders, climbing structures, hiding spots, basking platforms, and even mirrors can all be great options. But, always monitor your pet while introducing new toys or equipment. Leaving a mirror in the enclosure overnight may cause stress or anxiety.

Pro Tip: Stimulating your Beardie’s mind will ensure their wellness, reduce stress, increase socialization, and keep them happy! Who needs a gym membership when you have a bearded dragon and a laser pointer?

Toys that Encourage Exercise

Bearded dragons need stimulating activities and exercise for a happy life. Toys that promote movement can help. Here are 3 types:

  • Obstacle courses – Make a course with tunnels, bridges and rocks to challenge your dragon’s skills.
  • Swimming pools – Filled with lukewarm water will help them swim, and hydrate their skin.
  • Hunting toys – Toys that look like prey or bugs to stimulate their natural hunting instincts.

Hide treats in the obstacle course or toy to make them move around even more. Change the toys often to prevent boredom. Give your scaly friend an active lifestyle with these awesome toys! Find them at these top-notch shops.

Where Can You Purchase Bearded Dragon Toys?

Bearded dragons love playing with toys, but finding the right ones can be a challenge. So, where can you purchase toys for your bearded dragon? Here are three options:

  • Pet stores: Pet stores often carry a variety of toys designed specifically for reptiles like bearded dragons. Check with your local pet store for their selection.
  • Online: Many online retailers offer a wide range of bearded dragon toys. Make sure to read reviews and check the dimensions to ensure the toy is appropriate for your dragon’s size.
  • DIY: You can also get creative and make your own toys for your bearded dragon. Just be sure to use safe materials, like untreated wood or non-toxic plastics, and avoid small parts that could be swallowed.

It’s important to note that not all toys are suitable for bearded dragons. Avoid toys with small parts or sharp edges that could harm your dragon. Additionally, be sure to supervise your dragon while they play to prevent any accidents.

As for suggestions, consider providing your bearded dragon with toys that encourage natural behaviors, like climbing or digging. A basking platform or a pile of rocks can provide a stimulating environment for your dragon. You can also try hiding food in different areas of your dragon’s enclosure to encourage foraging behavior.

Ultimately, the best toys for your bearded dragon will depend on their individual preferences and personality. With a little experimentation, you’re sure to find the perfect toys to keep your dragon entertained and happy.

Note: Pet stores are also where you can buy a bearded dragon toy that will inevitably become their new home.

Pet Stores

Pet Stores are ideal for buying bearded dragon toys! They provide a varied selection of shapes, sizes and colors. Plus, branded products are always reliable, since they have undergone quality tests.

These stores employ pet experts who can help customers find the right toy for their pet’s age, size and behavior. Incentives like discounts and loyalty programs are often available.

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Some Pet Stores even have an online presence and offer delivery services. This makes it easy for customers with hectic schedules to shop from home.

Apart from convenience and variety, many Pet Stores provide special experiences such as in-store events or grooming services. So, let your reptilian buddy enjoy playtime by visiting the nearest Pet Store stocking beardie toys!

Find your nearby Pet Store on your phone or laptop today and surprise your beardie with stimulating, safe and sustainable toys from a trusted source!

Online Retailers

Online shops offering Bearded Dragon Toys are a great way to shop. They have easy access and lots of products at reasonable prices. Here’s a list of the top spots to buy Bearded Dragon toys online:

  • E-stores – There are many online shops with Bearded Dragon toys. They provide interactive ones, ball pits, climbing branches, and more.
  • Pet Stores – Some pet stores have special reptile items, like Bearded Dragon toys. They give excellent quality items that are safe for your pet.
  • Platforms like Amazon or eBay – You can find lots of Bearded Dragon toys from different brands. Shopping on these platforms gives you lots of options.

Before buying, make sure to check reviews to confirm the products are good quality, and will arrive on time without any damage.

A great story shows how important it is to research the supplier. A young couple bought baby dragons with bad information, endangering their pet. Until they found authentic toy sellers who gave guides and safe products. This helps new buyers stay informed when buying reliable items.

Why buy toys when you can make DIY fun for your Bearded Dragon?

DIY Toys

Bearded dragons need mental stimulation and toys to stop them from getting bored. But, buying toys might not always be possible. So, why not try making some? There are many DIY toy options you can make for your Beardie.

  • Digging box- Put soil or sand in a container for your dragon to dig in.
  • Cardboard boxes- Dragons love hiding and climbing in these.
  • Water play- Provide a shallow dish of water for the dragon to swim or soak.
  • Hammock- Craft a soft spot with cloth or mesh fabric for it to bask in.
  • Tunnels and hideouts- Arrange rocks and branches to form tunnels or hideouts.

Additionally, use different textures like fabric, stone, or wood to create an interesting environment. Make sure all these are safe, non-toxic, and specially designed for Bearded Dragons. You can find these on Amazon or your local pet store.

Remember, choose the right toy so your dragon doesn’t end up looking like a toothless one!

Safety Considerations When Choosing Bearded Dragon Toys

When selecting toys for your bearded dragon, there are several safety considerations to keep in mind. It is important to ensure that the toys are not only suitable for your pet’s size and age but are also made of non-toxic materials.

  • Choose toys that are big enough to avoid the risk of choking.
  • Avoid toys with small parts that can easily break off.
  • Keep an eye out for toys made of porous materials that can harbor bacteria.
  • Avoid playing with toys that have sharp edges or points.
  • Consider the location of your pet’s enclosure and avoid toys that have complex mechanisms or could create a fire hazard, like heat lamps.
  • Periodically inspect your pet’s toys for wear and tear and replace them if necessary.
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While ensuring that your pet’s toys are safe is crucial, it is also essential to consider the benefits of active play for your bearded dragon’s physical and emotional well-being. Research shows that interactive playtime can improve their agility, encourage engagement, and create a stronger bond between pet and owner.

A bearded dragon owner in California once reported that they had unknowingly selected a toy that contained toxic materials, which caused their pet to become seriously ill. The owner stressed the importance of researching and selecting toys carefully to avoid similar incidents. Whether your bearded dragon prefers tiny toys or larger-than-life props, it’s all a matter of scale and material fun!

Size and Material

When choosing toys for your bearded dragon, several things must be taken into consideration. Size and material are important for safety. Table 1 gives info on some ideal sizes and materials. However, different dragons may prefer different sizes and materials. Look out for unique features while making sure the toy is safe. Avoid objects with sharp edges or small parts that could injure them. There have been cases of dragons getting stuck in tight spaces created by small plastic accessories. So, always supervise your dragon while they play! Playtime should be safe, not dangerous!

Avoiding Sharp Edges and Loose Parts

For safeguarding your Bearded Dragon, pick toys with no sharp edges or loose parts. Six tips to keep in mind:

  1. Smooth surfaces – no cuts or wounds.
  2. No small broken pieces – these can be choked on.
  3. Not too heavy or big for your pet.
  4. Non-toxic materials, e.g. no metals or plastics.
  5. No gaps or openings that can trap their claws/fingers/legs.
  6. Test the toy’s durability before buying.

Researching trustworthy brands online is essential for choosing the right toy. An awful incident happened in 2017 when an 8-month-old Bearded Dragon swallowed a plastic piece, and died within 24 hours. So, make sure you double-check every toy! Safety first, supervision always – don’t let your pet rule the house with a toy army.

Supervision During Playtime.

Always supervise your pet while playing, and remove any broken or damaged toys. Pick toys that are the right size for your bearded dragon and have a natural texture or scent. Make sure they are not too small and can’t be swallowed.

Rotate the toys to keep your pet engaged, but don’t overwhelm them with too many at once. This will ensure your beloved reptile has a healthy and stimulating playtime environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of toys do bearded dragons like to play with?

A: Bearded dragons enjoy playing with various toys such as basking platforms, balls, and tunnels. They also like to interact with handheld toys like ropes and balls.

Q: Can I make my own toys for my bearded dragon?

A: Absolutely! Bearded dragons love DIY toys such as cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, and homemade hammocks.

Q: Do bearded dragons enjoy playing with other reptiles?

A: Bearded dragons can sometimes coexist with other reptiles, but they typically prefer to interact with humans and other bearded dragons.

Q: Do bearded dragons like water toys?

A: Bearded dragons are not known for taking to water very well, so water toys may not be the best option for them.

Q: Can I teach my bearded dragon tricks?

A: Yes! Bearded dragons are highly intelligent and can learn a variety of tricks, such as coming when called or rolling over. Just be sure to reward them with treats for their efforts.

Q: What should I avoid when selecting toys for my bearded dragon?

A: As a general rule, you should avoid toys that are too small, too hard, or too sharp. Additionally, toys with small or loose parts can pose a choking hazard.