What Age Do Bearded Dragons Stop Growing

When do Bearded Dragons Stop Growing?

Bearded dragons usually stop growing when they reach 12-18 months. Genetics, nutrition and environment can affect growth rate.

To figure out a bearded dragon’s age, measure its size and body weight. On average, adult males are 20-22 inches long and females 18-20 inches.

Beardies may stop growing lengthwise after a year, but they may still gain weight with age. To keep your pet healthy, give it balanced diet of greens, veggies and protein. Plus, ensure proper lighting and temperature in its enclosure.

At What Age Do Bearded Dragons Reach Their Maximum Size?

When do Bearded Dragons stop growing? Many pet owners wonder this. Experts say they usually reach their max size at 18 months.

For more info, check out the table below:

Age (months)Average Size (inches)
18Up to 24

It’s important to note that this table is a general guideline. Not all Bearded Dragons grow at the same rate, and not all will reach these sizes. Also, genetics play a role in how big or small your Beardie will grow, regardless of age.

The Journal of Zoology conducted a study that found males grow up to 24 inches, while females are usually 16 inches.

So why do bearded dragons become lazy couch potatoes after reaching their growth spurt?

What Happens After Bearded Dragons Stop Growing?

Bearded dragons reach adulthood around 18-24 months. Their growth rate slows, yet they may continue to grow. After they stop growing, proper nutrition and environment are key for their health. As adults, they can become territorial, and may show aggression towards other animals.

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Owners should watch for changes in behavior. These could include basking for longer under UV light, or becoming less active.

Pro Tip: If housing multiple adults together, ensure each has their own space with separate basking areas to avoid disputes. No need to worry about aging – keep a forever young bearded dragon as your scaly companion!


Bearded dragons grow until a certain age and size. Usually, this happens between 12-18 months. The rate of growth depends on many factors, such as genetics, environment, diet, and health.

Males often grow bigger than females. Temperature and humidity can also affect growth. A nutritious diet, plus regular vet visits, can help them grow well.

Something cool? Bearded dragons have amazing eyes! They have “spectral cells” which help them see ultraviolet light. This helps them to see more clearly in the wild.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age do bearded dragons stop growing?

A: Generally, bearded dragons stop growing at around 18 months of age.

Q: Will my bearded dragon continue to grow after 18 months?

A: While some bearded dragons may continue to grow slightly after 18 months, it is typically a very subtle amount.

Q: How big do bearded dragons get?

A: Bearded dragons can grow to be around 18 to 24 inches long from head to tail.

Q: How can I ensure my bearded dragon grows properly?

A: To ensure proper growth, provide a balanced diet, appropriate lighting and temperature, and a spacious enclosure for exercise and exploration.

Q: Can bearded dragons suffer growth-related health problems?

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A: Yes, improper diet, lighting, and temperature can cause growth-related health problems such as metabolic bone disease.

Q: How can I tell if my bearded dragon is growing properly?

A: A healthy bearded dragon should have a well-rounded body shape, clear eyes, and be active and alert.