How Often Should You Bathe Bearded Dragons

Why should you bathe your bearded dragon?

Bathing is a must for bearded dragon health and hygiene. It helps them shed skin, prevents dehydration, and lets owners inspect their pet’s body. It also reduces stress – making them calm and relaxed.

Make sure the water is between 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit and the depth should be up to their shoulders only. Rinse before soaking for 10-15 minutes max. But, some dragons don’t like water – they may get stressed or anxious.

Bath time not only enhances health, but it’s also a great way to bond with your pet. Don’t forget to bathe your bearded dragon! It’s an important part of their care. Get your beardie squeaky clean with our guide to bath frequency.

How often should you bathe your bearded dragon?

To ensure your bearded dragon is healthy and happy, you need to know the ideal frequency for giving them a bath. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some helpful information on factors that affect bath frequency, and telltale signs indicating when your bearded dragon needs a bath!

Factors affecting bath frequency

It’s important to keep your bearded dragon tidy. How often to bathe them depends on age, activity, shedding, and health. Adults should be bathed once or twice a month, and juveniles more often. Cleaning their enclosure and accessories can reduce the need for baths.

Hydration is key! When ill or stressed, a bath in lukewarm water can rehydrate their skin and help digestion. But overbathing can cause dry skin and other issues. Monitor behavior during bath time; signs of distress mean they’ve had enough.

Soaking originated in their natural habitat. Here, they use shallow pools for body temperature and drinking, since sources are scarce.

To ensure your beardie’s well-being, maintain proper hygiene with care and consideration. And if they seem extra smelly, it’s time for a bath!

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Signs that your bearded dragon needs a bath

Your Bearded Dragon’s Need For A Refreshing Bath!

Your Bearded Dragon needs to be bathed occasionally. Here are some signs that it’s time:

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Visible mites, ticks or bugs on skin
  • Dry skin or shedding issues
  • Recently treated for health concerns
  • Likes spending time in water
  • Bowel movement during handling

Make sure your dragon enjoys it! Avoid cold water. Gently splash the belly area.

Don’t over-bathe. Provide enough moisture after each session.

Fun Fact: The spiny scales on their throat make it look like a beard!

Bearded Dragons need baths too!

How to give your bearded dragon a bath

To give your bearded dragon a refreshing bath, set up a comfortable and safe environment for your pet. Create a stress-free zone by setting up the bathing area. Follow simple steps during the bath, and ensure smooth, hassle-free experience. Afterward, carefully dry your bearded dragon and follow essential post-bath care, to maintain their healthy skin and scales.

Setting up the bathing area

Prepare for your Bearded Dragon’s bath by setting up a safe space. Choose an area with no drafts or strong winds, to keep the temperature constant. Fill the bathtub with warm water – make sure it covers your pet’s belly but doesn’t drown them! Put elevated rocks or a textured rubber mat in the bathtub for traction and grip.

Use non-toxic cleaning agents for the setup to prevent contamination. To make your life easier afterwards, place a towel around the bath area.

Surprise! Bearded Dragons are sociable pets. They might even learn to interact with you! Don’t let their scaly exterior fool you – these dragons love a good bath just like any other creature!

Steps to follow during the bath

Beardies love baths – they help clean and shed their skin. For the best results, you must follow these steps:

  1. Fill a tub with lukewarm water, up to the dragon’s shoulders.
  2. Let them enter the water on their own, with good footing.
  3. Pour water over their back with a cup or spray bottle.
  4. Gently scrub any dirty spots with a soft-bristled brush.
  5. Rinse off all soap with clean water.
  6. Lift your beardie out of the water and let them dry off in a safe spot with heat.
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No soap or shampoo! Supervise your pet to prevent drowning. Care for your beardie with regular baths, or they may experience health issues. Pamper them and keep them happy and well-groomed – like you would your last date!

Drying and post-bath care

After giving your bearded dragon a bath, it is important to provide proper care. This includes drying and post-bath care.

  1. Step 1: Gently towel-dry them. Use a soft and absorbent cloth. Don’t rub too harshly.
  2. Step 2: Allow them to air dry in a warm and comfortable area. Avoid direct sunlight and artificial heat. This can cause dehydration.
  3. Step 3: When the dragon is dry, apply a small amount of reptile-safe moisturizer. This helps keep skin healthy and prevents shedding issues.

Remember, every dragon has unique needs. Some may require more frequent baths. Consult a vet before making changes.

Proper post-bath care promotes healthy skin and prevents issues. Follow these steps for a happy and healthy pet!

Common mistakes to avoid when bathing your bearded dragon

When it comes to giving your bearded dragon a bath, there are a few faux pas you’ll want to stay away from. Here’s a list of don’ts:

  • No stagnant water in the enclosure – bacteria and fungi can harm your scaly pal.
  • No hot water – Lukewarm or room-temp is best for these cold-blooded cuties.
  • Always fill the tub – Your dragon needs enough water to submerge in full.
  • Supervise bathtime – Accidental drowning is a risk, so keep an eye on them.

Let’s make bathtime shine! Try filtered or de-chlorinated water. Plus, it may help to bathe your dragon before shedding to help loosen old skin.

To give your scaly companion the best care, remember these tips when bathing them. Keep your pet happy and healthy!

Additional tips for maintaining your bearded dragon’s hygiene

It’s key to keep your bearded dragon clean. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Give them a shallow water dish for soaking once or twice a week – this helps with shedding and hydration.
  • Take out any poo or uneaten food daily to stop bacteria building up.
  • Dust their food with calcium and vitamin supplements. This is to help their health and avoid bone disease.
  • Hold them to check for mites or ticks, which can make them ill.
  • Cut their nails to avoid them getting scratched or hurt and file them if needed.
  • Check the temperature and humidity levels of their enclosure and adjust them to stop bacteria growing or breathing problems.
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Remember to wash your hands before touching your dragon or cleaning their home. Also, change the substrate material regularly, like newspaper or sand, as it can get dirty quickly.

When showering your dragon, don’t use soap or shampoo as it dries the skin. Just use warm water.

Hygiene is essential for keeping your dragon looking and feeling well. With these tips, they’ll stay healthy and happy in their environment. So, keep them fresh and fabulous with regular bathing!


Bearded dragons should get a weekly bath! It helps to keep their skin hydrated and clean. Too much bathing can cause dryness and stress. In their natural habitat, there’s no pool or water body. But occasional dips in lukewarm water can help health. Bathing also helps shedding and encourages good behavior. However, it is important to do research and talk to an expert before starting the routine.

The water must not be too hot or cold; too deep and the dragon might drown. Use gentle soap or reptile-safe shampoo once in a while. But too much can strip away natural oils from their skin. Bathing frequency may vary depending on factors such as health condition, size, and age. Observe your pet’s behavior and ask a vet if necessary.

Someone I knew bathed their dragon every other day, which caused dry, flaky skin. They consulted an exotic pet specialist who gave advice on proper bathing routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I bathe my bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons should be bathed once or twice a week.

2. Can I give my bearded dragon a bath every day?

No, bathing your bearded dragon too often can actually dry out its skin and cause health problems.

3. What temperature should the water be for my bearded dragon’s bath?

The water should be lukewarm, around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. How long should I leave my bearded dragon in its bath?

Aim for around 10-15 minutes so your bearded dragon can absorb moisture through its skin.

5. Do bearded dragons like taking baths?

Some bearded dragons love baths and will even swim around, while others may not enjoy it as much. It’s important to monitor your bearded dragon’s behavior during bath time.

6. What should I do if my bearded dragon poops in the bath?

Don’t panic! Remove your bearded dragon and clean the bathtub thoroughly with disinfectant. It’s also a good idea to give your bearded dragon a quick rinse afterwards to make sure its skin stays clean.