How Much is a Crested Gecko at Petsmart

How much does a Crested Gecko cost at Petsmart?

To find out how much a Crested Gecko costs at Petsmart, take a look at the average prices. But keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the location. Want to know more about the benefits of shopping at Petsmart for your crested gecko needs? Read on to learn more!

The average price for a Crested Gecko at Petsmart

Crested Geckos are popular pets. If you’re thinking of getting one from Petsmart, you may be curious about the cost. Prices vary, so we’ve made a table to show the average price range of different types of Crested Geckos.

Type of Crested GeckoAverage Price

These prices are just ballpark figures – individual animals could be cheaper or more expensive.

Crested Geckos are low-maintenance pets, but you should still research their needs before bringing one home. Prepare your home’s temperature and humidity settings, and find out their dietary requirements.

But here’s a piece of advice: the price of a Crested Gecko at Petsmart is unpredictable!

Why the price may vary at different Petsmart locations

Petsmart, an established company that opened its doors in Arizona in 1986 with roughly $150k capital investment, has grown significantly and now owns’s leading online pet store. It also has branches across North America, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

The cost of Crested Geckos at different Petsmart locations may differ for various reasons. These include availability of the gecko in the store, transportation costs, and promotions.

The rarer the gecko, the pricier it may be. Availability of the gecko in the store and transportation costs from suppliers can influence its price. Additionally, some stores might offer discounts or promotions, which can bring the cost down.

It’s important to consider the cost difference across Petsmart locations when budgeting for a pet purchase. Each store follows a different pricing strategy since they operate under franchise licenses.

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Factors that affect the cost of a Crested Gecko at Petsmart

To understand the factors that determine the cost of a crested gecko at Petsmart, you need to consider a few key aspects. Specifically, the age and size of the gecko, along with its morph/color, can have an impact on the price. Additionally, the number of geckos currently available at Petsmart will influence the cost as well.

Age and size of the gecko

Age and size are key factors that can affect the cost of a Crested Gecko at Petsmart. The table below explains the price range for each age and size category.

Age RangeSize (inches)Price Range

Younger and smaller geckos are usually cheaper than older and larger ones. Gender and coloration also play a role in pricing.

If you’re looking to save money, it’s recommended to buy a young hatchling and attend sales events or holiday promotions. That way, you can get a gecko that fits your budget and personal preferences!

Morph and color of the gecko

Gecko’s Look Influences Price from Petsmart!

Unique geckos can cost more at Petsmart.

  • A gecko with an odd color and pattern will cost more than the regular ones.
  • If it has a crest, head shape, and tail pattern, it will be pricier.
  • Geckos from rare bloodlines may be costly.

Breeders try to make special colors and patterns by breeding them carefully.

Pro Tip: Check out the prices of various morphs before buying, to get a better deal. It’s like the stock market for geckos at Petsmart!

Availability of geckos at Petsmart

Geckos are a popular pet choice. This article will discuss crested gecko availability at Petsmart.

  • Petsmart has various types of geckos, including crested ones.
  • The number of crested geckos in a store may vary.
  • Petsmart offers an online or in-store service to check the availability of animals.

It’s worth noting that the number of crested geckos in each Petsmart may differ due to seasonality, region, and special events. Check with your local store and online to make sure they have the gecko you want before buying.

Planning to get a crested gecko? Be mindful of these variable factors. Act fast once you confirm the availability of crested geckos in your local Petsmart, so you don’t miss out.

What’re you waiting for? Hurry up and get your new pet crested gecko from Petsmart and start the amazing journey!

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Tips for purchasing a Crested Gecko at Petsmart

To purchase a healthy and happy Crested Gecko at Petsmart, consider these tips. Choose a gecko that exhibits signs of good health and well-being, and pay attention to the condition of its enclosure and accessories. Look for specific indicators that signal a thriving and contented gecko.

How to choose a healthy and happy gecko

Selecting a healthy, cheerful Crested Gecko requires attention and knowledge of the proper criteria. Here are some tips to help you pick the right pet gecko:

  1. Look for a bouncy and lively gecko
  2. Check their eyes, nose, and mouth for any signs of infection or shedding
  3. Inspect their tail for cracks or kinks
  4. Notice their skin condition

It’s important to remember that choosing a healthy Crested Gecko is vital for a long-term relationship with your pet. Keeping these guidelines in mind will make sure your gecko is in good condition.

When you purchase your new pet gecko from Petsmart, look for one that is energetic and active. A joyful gecko will have bright eyes without any liquid, alertness when it notices things around it, and skin without dry patches or sores.

Pro Tip: Speak to a professional before purchasing if you’re uncertain about the process. This will help guarantee better care throughout the life of your pet.

And make sure your gecko’s new home at Petsmart has enough space and necessities like a branch to climb and a heat source!

What to look for in the enclosure and accessories provided at Petsmart

When buying a Crested Gecko from Petsmart, you must assess all components of its enclosure and accessories. Ensure that the vital elements are there for a proper care of your pet.

Check for an enclosure that is of the right size. It should be big enough for adult geckos to move and rest.

Look for temperature regulation equipment to ensure a stable environment suitable for the species.

Add climbing structures and hiding spaces to the enclosure as geckos love to climb and hide.

Check that the gecko has enough food, water, and supplements.

Also, consider the type of substrate. Newspaper or paper towels are the best bedding material and sand or gravel should be avoided due to ingestion risks. Make sure there are no sharp objects or hazardous materials that could harm your pet.

Inspect external signs such as parasites or illnesses which may indicate poor health. Lastly, check the lighting conditions before buying. This will give your pet a healthy living space!

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Other costs to consider when owning a Crested Gecko from Petsmart

To ensure the well-being of your Crested Gecko from Petsmart, you need to factor in all the associated costs. In this section, we’ll discuss the other costs you should anticipate when owning a Crested Gecko from Petsmart along with how these two sub-sections can be a solution. These sub-sections are cost of food and supplements as well as cost of veterinary care.

Cost of food and supplements

Caring for your Crested Gecko from Petsmart can cost you $20-$30 per month, for food and supplements. offers bulk discounts on specialty diets. Calcium supplements, such as Exoterra Reptile Calcium, cost $10-$15 and can last up to six months. Don’t forget treats, like Pangea Fruit Mix or live insects, as well!

Two crickets, three roaches, or four mealworms per week should be enough to keep your gecko healthy. Invest in quality food and supplements every month to ensure your gecko thrives. Avoid costly mistakes like overfeeding and not providing enough calcium supplements. Give your Crested Gecko the best care possible – they deserve it!

Cost of veterinary care

When it comes to owning a Crested Gecko from Petsmart, there are costs beyond the purchase price. Veterinary care is one big expense. Geckos can have health issues, so a vet who knows their stuff is important. Here’s a breakdown of the potential costs:

Initial Consultation$50-$100
Annual Wellness Exam$50-$100
Diagnostic Tests (Blood Work, etc.)$100-$200+
Emergency Visit$200+

These prices could vary, based on where you live and the vet you choose. Check out local vets that specialize in exotics or reptiles. Factor in extra costs, like medication for health issues.

Petsmart won’t judge you, whatever the cost!

Conclusion: Is a Crested Gecko from Petsmart worth the cost?

Crested geckos from Petsmart are worth the cost. They’re way cheaper than other pet options. Plus, they don’t need much maintenance.

They’re social and can even recognize their owners. Kids can even hold them as they’re so docile.

To keep them healthy, invest in proper housing, lighting and diet. Researching specific needs for this species is essential.

Getting a crested gecko from Petsmart is a great idea. It’s an exotic pet that doesn’t require a lot of effort or resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a Crested Gecko cost at Petsmart?

A Crested Gecko at Petsmart can cost anywhere from $40 to $80.

2. Do Crested Geckos make good pets?

Yes, Crested Geckos are known for their docile nature and are great pets for beginners.

3. What do Crested Geckos eat?

Crested Geckos can eat a variety of insects and fruit-based foods. It’s important to provide a balanced diet for their health.

4. Do Crested Geckos need a lot of space?

No, Crested Geckos are smaller in size and don’t require a lot of space. A 20-gallon terrarium works well for one or two geckos.

5. How often do Crested Geckos shed?

Crested Geckos shed their skin every 4-8 weeks, depending on their age and growth rate.

6. Can Crested Geckos live together?

Crested Geckos can be housed together as long as they are of similar size and have enough space in their enclosure.