How Much is a Crested Gecko at Petco

Pricing of Crested Gecko at Petco

To learn about the pricing of a crested gecko at Petco, delve into this section and discover the regular pricing and discounted pricing of these adorable creatures. Find out which option suits you and plan your purchase accordingly.

Regular Pricing of Crested Gecko at Petco

If you’re curious about the cost of crested geckos at Petco, here’s a table of regular prices:

Age/Size Price
Juvenile (2-4 months) $39.99
Subadult (5-8 months) $49.99
Adult (9+ months) $59.99

It’s possible to find promotions or discounts at Petco. Check your local store to see if any deals are available. Plus, some locations offer additional services like veterinary care or grooming that could affect the pricing.

Before bringing a crested gecko home, learn about their care needs and requirements. Consider all factors before making a commitment.

If you’re looking for a delightful pet, get a crested gecko from Petco! Visit your local store today and don’t forget to look out for discounts.

Discounted Pricing of Crested Gecko at Petco

Crested Gecko Prices at Petco – A Pet Lover’s Guide!

Petco offers great deals for crested geckos! Prices vary based on age, color, and sex. On average, they range from $40 to $80. Discounts may be available when buying multiple or during special promotion periods. All geckos are guaranteed healthy and disease-free!

Choose from a variety of species and colors. Knowing the types beforehand is helpful when selecting the perfect one.

Pro Tip: Set up the enclosure with food, lighting, and water sources before bringing your crested gecko home. Don’t spend a fortune – adopt a lizard from your backyard!

Factors Affecting Crested Gecko Pricing at Petco

To understand the factors that influence the pricing of crested geckos at Petco, let’s explore some crucial aspects. If you’re wondering why some geckos cost more than others, it could be due to their age and size, morph and color, or current availability and market demands. Let’s take a closer look at these sub-sections to find out more about why crested gecko pricing varies at Petco.

Age and Size of Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko Age and Size – it’s like a game of Pokémon!

Younger crested geckos cost less than their adult counterparts. Size plays a role in pricing and care. Check the table for details:

AgeSizePrice Range
1-2 years old4-5 inches long$30-$50
3-4 years old6-7 inches long$70-$100+
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Older, bigger geckos cost more. But size doesn’t always equal age. Some grow faster than others.

Think about your needs and preferences when buying. Smaller geckos for easy handling? Or bigger, healthier geckos?

Pro Tip: Do your research. Talk to experts or experienced keepers about the best size and age for you.

Morph and Color of Crested Gecko

The pricing of Crested Geckos at Petco is influenced by their physical appearance. Different color morphs, such as Harlequin, Phantom, and Flame, are costlier. Also, crests can affect the price with companies like Pangea Reptile releasing multi-morph hybrid crosses. Eyelash length increases the value. Size and “breeder” status don’t have much impact. Variables like age, sex, health, and breeding can affect the cost but not as much as color morphs. Some yellow-based hybrids change color based on their diet or environment, making them attractive to enthusiasts.

The species was believed extinct for over 100 years until two students rediscovered them in the aftermath of Cyclone Bebe. Now, the crested gecko is a popular reptilian pet. Finding one may be difficult, but at least they don’t come with a big price tag.

Availability and Demands in the Market

Availability and demand have a major sway on the prices of Crested Geckos at Petco. Supply and demand, as well as age, gender, and color phase all affect pricing.

  • Younger age: $29.99 – $39.99.
  • Older age: $49.99 – $69.99.
  • Males or females: $29.99 – $59.99.
  • Different color phases: $39.99 – $79.99.

These are the factors taken into account when setting prices.

Albino Crested Gecko hatchlings can be expensive – from $300 to $900 – due to their conformation traits.

Petco has a lot of reptile needs covered. Except for emotional support!

Shopping for Crested Gecko at Petco

To shop for a crested gecko at Petco, you need to know where to find a store. Once you’re there, you want to make sure the gecko is healthy and in good condition. Then you can choose the perfect crested gecko for you. These are the three key steps to successfully finding and bringing home your new Petco pet.

Finding a Petco Store near You

Want to find a Petco Store? Here’s what you should know:

  • Visit the Petco homepage and select ‘Stores’.
  • Use the ‘Store Locator’ tab and enter your zip code or city.
  • The website will give you a list of stores, along with their contact info and hours.
  • Click each store for directions and to check product availability online.
  • Download the Petco App from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • The app serves as a destination for pet supplies, grooming, and exploring nearby Petco stores.

Petco stores have unique features too. Some offer Vetco Clinics with low-cost vaccinations from licensed vets. And some have an in-store adoption center with animal welfare organizations.

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Before visiting the store, it’s best to call ahead. This helps make sure the item you’re looking for is in stock or that you can reserve it if it’s not accessible. Plus, Petco offers curbside pickup within two hours of ordering, so calling ahead makes it easier to get everything you need without hassle.

Checking the Crested Gecko’s Health and Condition

When choosing a Crested Gecko at Petco, it’s essential to check their health and overall happiness. This makes sure you take home a fit and content pet. Inspections should include:

  • Scanning the skin for any wounds, scratches or oddness.
  • Checking for signs of dehydration and illness, like sunken eyes or sluggishness.
  • Observing the eyes, ears and nose for drainage, redness or swelling.
  • Assessing the weight and size to make sure they match their age.

Keep in mind that Crested Geckos can be challenging to care for. Doing research on their needs prior to purchase is encouraged.

One peculiar gecko might grab your attention when handling them at Petco. A friend of mine got one with an extraordinary character. Every morning when she opened his cage, he hopped onto her shoulder and stayed there all day. His friendly and social nature made him stand out from the others at Petco.

Finding the perfect Crested Gecko is like finding a soulmate, but with fewer commitments and more scales.

Choosing the Best Crested Gecko for You

Are you in the market for a pet crested gecko? Consider these 5 points before buying:

  • Size and Gender: Research males vs females and decide what size you want.
  • Appearance: Check out the patterns and colors to find one that suits your taste.
  • Age: Pick a hatchling or adult, considering their lifespan and growth rate.
  • Temperament: Decide how docile you want your crested gecko to be.
  • Price: Set a budget before shopping, as costs can vary.

Be sure to look for other signs of health too. Bright eyes, clear nostrils, no deformities or injuries, clean skin with no mites or parasites. Don’t miss out – with the right research, a crested gecko can be an amazing addition to your family! Check out other options too, not just Petco.

Alternatives to Petco for Purchasing Crested Gecko

To have more options than just Petco, check out these alternatives when purchasing a crested gecko. Look into online shops, breeders, and reptile expos and shows to find healthy and diverse crested geckos.

Online Shops

Finding a good place to buy a Crested Gecko online? There are many options. Check out websites that offer a variety of species and details about the creature.

Below is a table of reliable retailers. It shows prices, quality, and shipping cost.

CompanyPrice Range ($)Quality RatingShipping Cost ($)
Pangea Reptile70-90Excellent35+
Joshs Frogs Reptile Supplies50-100Average-Good

Specifically need something? Connect with other reptile lovers on social media. Get recommendations and referrals.

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Adam Elliot wrote “The Crested Gecko: A Guide to Caring for Your New Pet“. It offers insights into proper gecko care.

Note: Companies mentioned aren’t affiliated with this article or endorsed in any way. They’re just alternatives to consider based on their reputations in the reptile community.
If you want personality, go to breeders – like Tinder for reptiles.


Pet Gecko Breeders:

Reputable pet gecko breeders are a great source for healthy, high-quality crested geckos. They take care of their geckos to ensure they’re properly bred, free from illnesses, and have a good chance of thriving in their new home.

These breeders invest in quality breeding programs. This way, the offspring are healthy, beautiful, and closely resemble their parents.

Plus, they offer info about how to care for your new pet. Things like housing requirements, feeding essentials, and other details.

Most breeders have years of experience with crested geckos. This can be really helpful, should you have questions or concerns as an owner.

You can also find color variants at breeders that you won’t see in retail stores. Plus, their customer service is usually better than big retailers.

The exact history of pet gecko breeders is hard to pinpoint. But, there’s no doubt that they’ve been around due to the increased demand for Crested Geckos.

Get your leaping lizards at reptile expos and shows! Just don’t let them loose at your next family gathering.

Reptile Expos and Shows.

A Variation in Semantics for Reptile Live Shows and Expos

Live Events for Reptile Enthusiasts is an alternative heading for Reptile Expos and Shows. These events connect hobbyists, plus vendors who sell animals and supplies. You can see the animals in person before buying. Sellers are usually knowledgeable about their animals and can offer advice.

If you cannot attend a live event, online marketplaces like MorphMarket are useful. You can browse and buy reptiles from breeders, with reviews from other customers. For more specific guidance, join forums or social media groups dedicated to crested geckos. Here, experienced owners can share advice on where to buy quality animals or supplies.

In summary, you have plenty of alternatives to Petco when it comes to buying crested geckos. Live events are immersive and knowledgeable; while online marketplaces offer access to expert breeders. Online communities give valuable info for both novice and experienced owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a Crested Gecko cost at Petco?

A Crested Gecko at Petco typically costs between $30 and $80, depending on the age and genetics of the gecko.

2. Do Crested Geckos make good pets?

Yes, Crested Geckos make great pets because they are low-maintenance, easy to care for, and very friendly.

3. What does a Crested Gecko eat?

Crested Geckos eat a diet of insects, fruit, and commercial gecko food. They can also eat baby food as a treat.

4. How big do Crested Geckos get?

Crested Geckos can grow up to 8 inches long, with males usually being larger than females.

5. Do Crested Geckos require any special habitat or breeding requirements?

Crested Geckos require a well-ventilated enclosure that mimics their natural environment and a temperature range between 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit. Breeding Crested Geckos requires specific temperature and lighting conditions as well as a nesting box for the females.

6. Can Crested Geckos live with other geckos or reptiles?

No, Crested Geckos should not be housed with other geckos or reptiles because they can become aggressive and territorial.