how much do white bearded dragons cost

White Bearded Dragon Overview

White Bearded Dragons are an eye-catching pet reptile. They usually cost around $150 to $600, depending on their age, size, and morph quality. When choosing one, consider factors like size, care needs, and temperament. These dragons can grow up to 24 inches long and require proper lighting, heating, feeding, and a clean habitat.

Plus, White Bearded Dragons are hypoallergenic. They produce lower levels of irritating proteins than other types of beardies. Experts say these dragons are “translucent with underlying pigments that give them their white appearance”.

Having a White Bearded Dragon as a pet is a great choice! They can provide companionship for up to 15 years with the right care. So why spend money on jewelry when you can invest in a white bearded dragon and have a living, breathing gemstone?

Factors Affecting the Cost of White Bearded Dragons

To understand the factors affecting the cost of white bearded dragons, delve into genetics, age and size, breeders and retailers. Genetics determine the dragon’s appearance and rarity. Age and size also impact cost as they indicate maturity and breeding potential. Breeders and retailers are also influential as their reputations and location can affect pricing.


The focus of this section is the underlying hereditary traits that impact the cost of White Bearded Dragons. A dragon’s ancestry and genetic makeup are crucial to determine its value.

There are many variables to consider in each factor such as color morphs, bloodlines, and pattern variations. For example, certain morphs can be rarer and fetch a higher price. High-quality ancestral lines, like Hypo het Trans Leatherback, can also significantly influence its price.

Moreover, the saturation of colors and durability issues of particular bloodlines can also make a difference. One breeder was able to sell their Hypo Het Trans Leatherback White Bearded Dragon for twice the amount of other Hypo Hets without the same lineage.

The effects of genetics on the dragon market range from $300 for normal white-bearded dragons bred for pets to $4000 for premium bloodlines with rare morphs. Age and size are also factors, however, unlike humans, diet and gym won’t help.

Age and Size

White Bearded Dragons come with a price tag. Age and size are two major factors that affect it. A table below helps understand pricing variations according to their maturation time-duration and sizes.

Young dragons are priced lower than mature ones, and larger sizes between “12-18 inches” or “20-24 inches” can cost more as they require more care. Besides these, environmental conditions like temperature, lighting, feeding, and enclosure quality need to be in check for a healthy lifestyle and appropriate market value.

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To get your own White Bearded Dragon, do your research and have understanding of pricing factors. Don’t be ripped off and pay too much!

The table below shows the pricing variations of White Bearded Dragons based on their maturation time-duration and sizes:

Size (inches)Duration (months)Average Price ($)

Breeders and Retailers

Breeders and retailers have a huge sway over the cost of white bearded dragons. The former decide the supply and quality, while the latter determine the price point.

Check out the following comparison table for examples of different breeders and retailers:





It’s worth noting that breeders need to consider other expenses such as genetics, feeding habits, and overall health. Some retailers may offer lower prices, but they could lack quality assurance. To get an accurate view of the cost range, one should consult industry data or expert advice.

Fun Fact: White bearded dragons can change colors based on both mood and temperature. Get ready to spend big if you want one!

Average Cost of White Bearded Dragons

To determine the average cost of white bearded dragons, you need to know the cost of hatchlings, juveniles, and adults. Each of these stages comes with varying price ranges that you need to understand if you want to budget appropriately. So, let’s dive into the cost of each of these sub-sections.

Cost of Hatchlings

Pricing White Bearded Dragon hatchlings requires you to consider many elements. We’ve made a table with approximations of what certain breeders and stores may charge. Prices can differ depending on location, accessibility, etc. See below.

2-4 weeksNormal$80-$120
2-4 weeksHypo/translucent/leatherback/silkback$150-$250
2-4 weeksZero (a morph without black patterning)$250-$350
5-7 weeks or olderNormal$100-$150
5-7 weeks or olderHypo/translucent/leatherback/silkback$200-$300
5-7 weeks or olderZero$300-$450

Younger hatchlings cost more, as they need frequent meals and extra care. Plus, certain morphs like Hypo, Translucent, Leatherback or Silkback are pricier due to their distinct features.

Do your homework! Research breeders and stores to get an affordable, healthy White Bearded Dragon. Why buy a pet rock when you can have a miniature dinosaur? It won’t eat your neighbors!

Cost of Juveniles and Adults

The price of White Bearded Dragons, both juveniles and adults, could vary due to their age, health and size. Here’s a chart displaying the average prices:

Age GroupPrice Range
Juveniles$80 – $150
Adults$250 – $400

Morphs with rare colors or variations may cost more. Research is essential before purchasing. To save money, look into local reptile rescues or animal shelters. Reptile shows may also have reasonable prices.

Remember – it’s important to understand the market value and do your research before buying a White Bearded Dragon. Plan on spending more than just dragon food money for the best deals!

Additional Expenses for White Bearded Dragons

To factor in all the expenses related to owning White Bearded Dragons, this section brings to your attention “Additional Expenses for White Bearded Dragons.” There are multiple costs other than the initial purchase price that you need to consider to ensure the well-being of your pet. This section addresses the sub-sections including ‘Housing and accessories,’ ‘Food and supplements,’ and ‘Veterinary Care,’ as solutions to help you understand the additional expenses better.

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Housing and Accessories

As pet owners, you need to ensure your white bearded dragon is comfy and safe. Providing housing and accessories comes with expenses.

  • First, you need an enclosure. It must be roomy enough for your dragon to move around and bask. And include two hides – one for shedding and one for burrowing.
  • Lighting system should be adequate. UVB lighting is required. Special lamps or fixtures must be installed – depending on what’s available in your area.
  • Accessories like bowls, climbing sticks or shelves, basking stones or branches, and substrates for shelter must also be purchased.

You must also control humidity levels. Too much moisture can cause respiratory issues while too little can lead to dehydration. This means you need a hygrometer and humidifier. One owner made the mistake of buying the wrong substrate, causing digestive complications. He had to buy a new, more expensive one. Research before buying and never compromise on quality.

Feeding your white bearded dragon can be pricey, but crickets are relatively cheap.

Food and Supplements

White Bearded Dragons need specific dietary requirements to stay healthy. This includes live insects (5-15 USD per week), greens & vegetables (10-25 USD per month), calcium & Vitamin D3 supplements (5-10 USD per month). Prices vary depending on where you buy them.

These creatures have been around since the Late Pliocene period in Australia. They continue to fascinate researchers and reptile enthusiasts with their distinct characteristics & behaviors. Who knew owning a dragon could be so expensive?

Veterinary Care

Quality Health Care For White Bearded Dragons.

As pet owners, we must prioritize our pet’s wellbeing. Regular checkups and treatments keep white bearded dragons healthy and happy. It is best to find a vet that specializes in exotic animals such as reptiles. This ensures the best care for your pet.

Preventative Medicine.

Routine exams can help prevent future health issues and detect any existing ones early. A thorough examination may include blood work, urinalysis, fecal analysis, and radiographs. Vaccinations are not typically necessary for bearded dragons. Yet, schedule wellness visits every six months to a year.

Emergency Medical Need.

If your white bearded dragon needs urgent medical attention, have a reliable vet contact ready. Check beforehand if the vet offers 24/7 emergency exotics services. Don’t neglect your pet’s veterinary needs, as it can lead to expensive expenses. Give them the care they deserve by scheduling routine preventative appointments and being prepared for emergency medical needs.

Where to Buy White Bearded Dragons

To easily purchase a white bearded dragon, you can find them from various sources. When looking for where to buy white bearded dragons; online sources and local pet stores are the ideal solutions. These sub-sections provide options for acquiring a white bearded dragon that suit your needs.

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Online Sources

Getting a white bearded dragon online is now super easy. Reptile City, Underground Reptiles, MorphMarket, and Backwater Reptiles are popular sources to scour.

Do your research on the seller before you commit—reading reviews is a great way to check their rep. Plus, you can always ask them questions.

But remember: buying a white bearded dragon online can be risky. Make sure you understand its needs and be ready to offer proper care when it arrives at its new home.

One buyer didn’t research their seller, and their dragon arrived in poor health. This story serves as a reminder to be diligent before you commit to owning any pet.

Local Pet Stores

Searching for a white bearded dragon? Consider your local pet store! Here, you can find many options for different ages and sizes. Plus, the expert staff can help you choose and care for your pet. You may even get special deals not found online.

If you’re looking for something more exotic, visit a reptile specialty shop. They carry rare breeds and unique patterns from all around the world. Carefully bred and raised with love, these little grumpy old men will make the perfect pet! So head to your nearest pet store today and explore their selection of quality pets.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Exploring the cost of white bearded dragons is a must. Prices range from $100-$500, depending on the age, size, health, and rarity. But, remember, owning an animal comes with more than just a purchase price. Supplies, food, vet costs – these are all part of the responsibility.

Before buying, consider the responsibility of owning a pet – like a white bearded dragon. Special care and attention is needed for them to flourish. Research is key!

While researching, I heard a story about a young boy who saved his allowance for months to buy his pet dragon. This shows the bond that we can share with our pets – and the importance of responsible ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a white bearded dragon cost?

The cost of a white bearded dragon can vary depending on various factors such as their age, size, and breeders. On average, they can range from $150 to $500.

2. Where can I buy a white bearded dragon?

You can purchase a white bearded dragon from reputable pet stores, online breeders, or reptile expos. It’s important to research and choose a reputable source to ensure the health and quality of your pet.

3. Can I find a white bearded dragon for adoption?

Yes, it’s possible to adopt a white bearded dragon from animal shelters or reptile rescues. However, they may not always have the breed or color you’re searching for.

4. Do I need any special equipment to care for a white bearded dragon?

Yes, a proper setup for a white bearded dragon requires a terrarium or vivarium, basking spot, UVB lighting, and a heat source. It’s important to research their specific needs and follow care instructions to keep them healthy.

5. Are white bearded dragons more expensive than other colors?

White bearded dragons may be slightly more expensive than other colors due to their rarity and breeding demands.

6. Can I negotiate the price of a white bearded dragon?

It’s always worth asking if a breeder or pet store is open to negotiation, but a fair price should reflect the quality and health of the pet.