Living with Lizards

ackie monitor resting on a branch
Ackie Monitors, Reptiles

The Complete Ackie Monitor Care Guide

Curious about bringing an Ackie Monitor into your family? This comprehensive care guide covers their basic needs, common health issues, and handling tips. Explore the housing requirements, diet, temperature, and enrichment needs of these fascinating reptiles. Learn how to properly…

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How to Tell If Your Chameleon Is Dying

Identifying Symptoms of a Dying Chameleon To identify symptoms of a dying chameleon, the solution lies in understanding the behavior and physical changes in your pet. Check for lethargic behavior, loss of appetite, decreased physical activity, abnormal color, and breathing…

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How to Know If a Lizard Is Dead

How to tell if a lizard is dead Lizards are fascinating creatures, but sometimes you may come across a dead one. It’s essential to be able to tell if a lizard is dead, and in this article, we’ll guide you…

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How Much Is a Tegu Lizard?

Types of Tegu Lizards Tegu Lizards come in all shapes and sizes. Colors, temperaments, and prices vary depending on breed. Here are some of the types: Black and White Tegu: can be up to 4ft and 15lb, mainly black with…

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